"Leap frog, leap frog jump to the number...5!"

In K1PA we are exploring and reinforcing number identification by playing a leap frog game with number mats. The children jump from one number to the next by identifying them. They also help each other figure out confusing numbers like '6' and '9' by counting the objects on the mat to check.
As a part of our work on the letter 'b', K1PA decided to bake banana muffins! We all worked together to mix up the ingredients and then waited patiently as they baked in the oven. Many teachers who walked by the kitchen smelled the muffins baking and became very hungry! After we were done, we reflected on the experience and drew a picture of something we could remember.
Over the first few weeks of school, the children were slowly introduced to the various manipulatives we use during math workshop. The children were allowed to explore them freely and discover the different things they could do with them. In the third week, Miss Pana started to give them specific tasks to do with each of the materials that were put out. Take a look at some of the things we are doing in Math workshop!
"I don't know how to read!" These words do not exist in K1PA! We have been working on different strategies that can help us begin to understand books!

In Reading Workshop the children are learning a few strategies to help them become more independent with books.

Readers can...
  1. Look at the picture
  2. Ask "what do I see?"
  3. Ask "What is happening?"

During Reading Workshop we sometimes sit in different ways too! This aims to foster the different types of reading behavior that we find in an avid reader!

  • Back to back: I am reading by myself
  • Hip to hip: I am reading a book with my friend
  • Knee to knee: I am interacting with my friend, having a discussion and asking questions

Finger Lights

The finger light was originally invented for ravers in dance clubs. However, in K1 we've found that this little gadget has magical powers that make children point to whatever you ask them to! So far, we have traced letters in the air, on the floor and on our friend's back. We have also been 'letter detectives' and we looked for the letter 'b' in our reading books!

Hello everyone and welcome to another fun filled year in K1PA! We have gotten off to a great start, meeting new friends and getting to know the classroom.

Over the first week we created placemats that we now use during snack and lunch. On the placemat we each have a picture of ourselves, some of our favorite things and a hand print. Then we practiced writing our name by tracing it in as many colors as possible so it would turn into a rainbow!

We also read the book "The Kissing Hand" and talked about how we felt on our first day of school. Below are some pictures of us making our own kissing hands and cutting them out.

Take a look at how much fun we are already having!