It is that time of year again for class parties and school concerts! On Tuesday, our brilliant class parents arranged a fun-filled end of year party for the children. Not only did we have a very tasty selection of food for lunch but such creative activities planned! First some Christmas card making and then cookie decorating! Thank you parents for being so supportive and helpful!
Any visitors who come to help teach us something always get a little gift from the students. We always reflect on what we learned and these reflections come together to make a book so that whoever comes has something to remember us by! Here is what K1PA remembers from Andy's visit

How do cars and taxis move?

Chloe and Aina M. wondered about cars. We searched on the computer but a lot of the videos and pictures were confusing and we couldn't really understand what they were telling us. So we decided to ask Ms. Hazel to show us her car! What better way to learn about how a car moves than to observe it closely. Ms. Hazel showed us how to use the key to start the engine, how the steering wheel controls the wheels and she even opened up the hood so we could see and hear the engine. We looked at special features like the lights, and learned that her car is very special because the roof can be put down or up. Sam knew the special word for this car and told everyone it was a "convertible". We got to try out turning the key and the steering wheel too!

How do sharks and dolphins move?

After days and days of asking when Miss Pana's scientist friend was coming in to tell us about sea creatures, Andy finally arrived in our classroom! He showed us lots of really cool pictures of animals that live under the sea including a cuttlefish, seahorse, dolphin, blue-ringed octopus, tiger shark and a sea cow! The children also loved seeing pictures of Andy diving! It seemed the questions wouldn't stop! What wonderful inquirers you all were! Stay tuned for our reflections...
One day, Miss Pana told the children that there was a kindergarten class somewhere that wanted to play with us! She said that this class was not in Singapore, so the children wondered how we would be able to play together? Then one of our friends said that we could call each other up! However, this wouldn't allow us to see each other. We then remembered that we can call people on the computer and see them as well! Some of us remembered calling our grandparents and other family members on Skype. To prepare for our Skype play session with our mysterious friends, we prepared some questions to ask them.

On the day we had the call, we got to ask some questions and learned they were a kindergarten in Taiwan! They showed us some of the things they were learning such us programing little robots called 'Beebots'. We showed them some things as well such as our drawings and how we measure things. The sound and connection was not so good so we got cut off a few times and we didn't get to ask all of our questions. We decided to write our questions down and record them in Voice Thread so Miss Pana could send them over through email. We are now eagerly awaiting answers to our questions so we can find out more!
When we were done, someone asked "Where is Taiwan?" So, Miss Pana asked the class where we could look to find out the answer. The children instantly said we should look on the map and the globe. We thought carefully and figured out that 'Taiwan' begins with a 't' so we all looked for countries beginning with this sound. Finally we found it on both the map and the globe!
Here are some questions that we sent to our new friends because we didn't get to ask them during the Skype call. Our new friends have gotten back to us with some answers! Have a listen to see what they have to say.
Our Friend Chloe
Chloe was so excited to be our Star Name! She was confident when answering questions and sat patiently as she listed to her friends think about what her name looked like! Chloe has one baby brother, her favorite book is Cinderella and she enjoys playing Furby. Here's what we had to say about Chloe's name:

  • 'C' is a curly slide
  • 'h' is a building with a chimney
  • 'l' is a bottle
  • 'o' is an egg
  • 'e' is a roller coaster!
We noticed Chloe has black hair and a fringe, she was also wearing a pink hairband the day we drew portraits of her so many of us included that in our drawings!