The K1 classes just had their assembly presentation and I must say they did such a wonderful job! Being on stage is a huge thing for a four year-old and every single child tried very hard to be a Risk-Taker and present as best they could. I am also extremely proud of the reflections that went on in preparation for this assembly. Everything the children put on each decoration is 100% their thinking. It really shows how much they have learned about the Learner Profile! Good job guys! Here are some messages I got after the assembly from some teachers and Ms. Alden:

Great assembly today! I thought the K1s were so ooo good... spoke clearly and with confidence. Some parents sitting next to me were quite emotional watching their kids up there on stage. -Ms. Hima
Well Done!  The K 1 children so were confident and wonderful role models!  Great job!  -Ms. Cook
I was emotional too!  Very nice...and thanks -Ms. Alden

11/23/2012 6:57pm

Dear K1 class, I loved your singing. You all know e the words and everyone sang clearly. I am a Kindergarten teacher at an international school in Japan. I will share your video with my Kindergarten class. Thanks for posting this. : )


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