This whole inquiry began when I got a tweet from Duck Duck Moose, the makers of Draw and Tell. I had started using this app with the kids, but had only started using it not too long ago. I decided that emailing them would be a good idea, at the very least I was sure they may have more opportunities for me to learn how to better use their app in my classroom. Here's what they wrote to me after I told them telling them that I was indeed using Draw and Tell with the kids.

When I told the kids about Duck Duck Moose contacting us and wanting to talk to us through a Google hangout they were over the moon! They had many questions about how Draw and Tell worked, and how it was made. Some children just wanted to tell the people at Duck Duck Moose how they felt about Draw and Tell. So I asked them how they wanted to send these questions and comments over. The kids said that we should use the app and record our voices! So that's exactly what they did! I compiled all of the questions and comments together on iMovie and uploaded it onto Vimeo so we could send a link over.

Naturally, we wouldn't be good inquirers if we didn't make predictions first! I had the children do this more traditionally with pencil and paper.
In the week leading up to the Google hangout with Duck Duck Moose, I decided to challenge myself professionally by trying to use the app educationally with the kids in at least one or two more ways. What I ended up doing with them was having the children create number stories and do some phonics review on the app. Here is their work:
Finally, on May 23rd 2013 we had our Google hangout and the kids were so excited to get to ask all of their questions! We learned a lot from Serena at Duck Duck Moose. Here are some of the things that we remember most from the chat.
Thank you Serena, Sara and Sarah from Duck Duck Moose! We had lots of fun learning from you!



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