How do cars and taxis move?

Chloe and Aina M. wondered about cars. We searched on the computer but a lot of the videos and pictures were confusing and we couldn't really understand what they were telling us. So we decided to ask Ms. Hazel to show us her car! What better way to learn about how a car moves than to observe it closely. Ms. Hazel showed us how to use the key to start the engine, how the steering wheel controls the wheels and she even opened up the hood so we could see and hear the engine. We looked at special features like the lights, and learned that her car is very special because the roof can be put down or up. Sam knew the special word for this car and told everyone it was a "convertible". We got to try out turning the key and the steering wheel too!

How do sharks and dolphins move?

After days and days of asking when Miss Pana's scientist friend was coming in to tell us about sea creatures, Andy finally arrived in our classroom! He showed us lots of really cool pictures of animals that live under the sea including a cuttlefish, seahorse, dolphin, blue-ringed octopus, tiger shark and a sea cow! The children also loved seeing pictures of Andy diving! It seemed the questions wouldn't stop! What wonderful inquirers you all were! Stay tuned for our reflections...

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