It seems that our video for the new K1s wasn't our last class project! The children had painted pebbles into characters as a part of our unit on How We Express Ourselves. When everyone was done, we each introduced our character to the class and described him/her/it. As each child went along, they started making connections between the characters. Suddenly families were being formed, pets adopted and friendships occurring! For instance, there were three children who created different types of monsters and they decided that they were a monster family all living in the same house with a pet dragon, which was created by another child. Magical flowers became homes to two butterfly fairies and other mystical creatures all resided in a forest together (including a flying car!).

Today the children finally got to fully develop the plot together. Normally they are used to the simple hamburger structure: Introduction, Problem, Solution. However, this time, we had so many characters that the story couldn't be that simple or many would not be included. Through this discussion the children discovered that a story can actually have many problems, in fact, it can make the story more interesting.

They planned out how the story should be told and what each character should say at each part. When we were done we all gave ourselves a big clap for working so well together, and I thought we were done...but then I heard, "Miss Pana! VIDEO!!!" This was followed by, "YEA, and put it on the blog!" I was nominated to be the storyteller because I didn't have my own pebble character, but believe me I was TOLD what to say! :) I recorded the story in short clips on the iPad then pieced them together using the app Explain Everything.

This whole process became another piece of authentic assessment for me, showing me how much they have learned about stories, collaboration, perspective, and story organization. Great job guys! I am so proud of you for coming up with this and all on your own!

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