This year K1PA is buddies with G3SS! Over this year we will meet on several occasions to share our work and read books together. We met with them for the first time this past Wednesday, September 19th! Some of us were a little nervous but we all tried our very best! We shared our books about someone we love with the grade 3 class. In these books we chose someone we love and wrote about the different things that make them special. Grade 3 were very prepared and really made an effort to make us all feel welcome by complimenting our books and asking quesWell done K1PA for showing such confidence and being risk-takers!

09/23/2012 8:46pm

It was fun to learn about K1 students ideas.

09/23/2012 8:50pm

Thank you for making a post about us! Thank you a lot!!

09/23/2012 8:56pm

Did you think we did a good job I think we did a good job

10/05/2012 12:38am

i enjoyed working with you all. it was cool.


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