As many of the parents may already know, we are learning about patterns in math! Patterns are truly everywhere and all around us so what better way to start off the concept than to go on a pattern hunt! It is amazing what the children found just within the classroom. The class was broken up into 3 groups each group was given one Ipad each to photograph the patterns they found around them. Take a look at the pictures, can you guess the pattern that the children found in each one?

Then the class read a book by Leo Leoni called "On my beach there are many pebbles". We decided to go on a pebble hunt, but we found more rocks than pebbles around our school. We collected them anyway looking closely at their shapes, sizes and colors. Then when we came back to the class we made some pebble/rock patterns. The children really enjoyed 'looking closely' and finding details in the rocks and pebbles that they could use to create their patterns!


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