After receiving our first visit from the Pattern Ninja we decided to leave a note to see if he or she would return. In our note we asked where the pattern Ninja was from and in the reply we learned that the Pattern Ninja is from AUSTRALIA!

This was a clue! We decided the Pattern Ninja had to be from school because they knew what we were learning and could get into our classroom. So we narrowed down our suspects based on this new information.


Suspect #1: Mr. Joe (K2JS teacher)

  • Australian
  • Big  and strong
  • Likes to joke!

Suspect #2: Ms. Jan (PYP Coordinator)

  • Australian
  • Knows what we are learning
  • Might have the keys to our classroom

Mr. Nathan (P.E. Teacher)

  • Australian
  • Does P.E. and exercise = strong!
  • Knows everyone in K1PA

How We Solved the Mystery!


STEP 1: Write a letter to each of the suspects asking them to write the alphabet for us.

Why you ask? Keep scrolling to find out...


STEP 2: Wait for the suspects to reply.

Step 3: Match each suspect's writing to the Pattern Ninja's!
(Can you guess who it might be?)
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