One aspect of going through the inquiry cycle is to take action on our learning. At the Kindergarten level it can be as simple as going home and asking your parents a question about something you were learning in class. Another example could be applying a concept learned in class outside of school. More importantly, this action should be student initiated because it is the child becoming aware that he or she can take control of his or her own learning.
    Over the Chinese New Year holidays and the days leading up to it, the days were very wet so we tried to make use of this rain to continue inquiring into our unit. We wanted to leave a cup of water out for the day to see if the sun would really take it up to the sky, but unfortunately each time we tried the rain started pouring again and the sun was nowhere to be seen! Sam was disappointed that we were unable to complete this experiment in class so he decided to take matters into his own hands and conducted it on his own at home. He also decided to re-do our puddle measuring experiment just to check for certain that the sun really does 'suck the water up into the sky'. Here is Sam presenting to his friends what he did and also a short video of his own puddle measuring experiment.

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