One day, Miss Pana told the children that there was a kindergarten class somewhere that wanted to play with us! She said that this class was not in Singapore, so the children wondered how we would be able to play together? Then one of our friends said that we could call each other up! However, this wouldn't allow us to see each other. We then remembered that we can call people on the computer and see them as well! Some of us remembered calling our grandparents and other family members on Skype. To prepare for our Skype play session with our mysterious friends, we prepared some questions to ask them.

On the day we had the call, we got to ask some questions and learned they were a kindergarten in Taiwan! They showed us some of the things they were learning such us programing little robots called 'Beebots'. We showed them some things as well such as our drawings and how we measure things. The sound and connection was not so good so we got cut off a few times and we didn't get to ask all of our questions. We decided to write our questions down and record them in Voice Thread so Miss Pana could send them over through email. We are now eagerly awaiting answers to our questions so we can find out more!
When we were done, someone asked "Where is Taiwan?" So, Miss Pana asked the class where we could look to find out the answer. The children instantly said we should look on the map and the globe. We thought carefully and figured out that 'Taiwan' begins with a 't' so we all looked for countries beginning with this sound. Finally we found it on both the map and the globe!
Here are some questions that we sent to our new friends because we didn't get to ask them during the Skype call. Our new friends have gotten back to us with some answers! Have a listen to see what they have to say.

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