As a part of our study on the letter 's' we became interested in SPIDERS! We looked at books about spiders and saw pictures of real ones. As we carefully observed we found out the following things:

1. Spiders have 8 eyes
2. Spiders have 8 legs
3. Each leg has 5 parts or joints
4. Spiders have fangs
5. Spiders have 4 or 6 spinners

We had to "scrunch", "stuff" and "stick" in order to create our own giant spider in the class. Together we named him Slidey!

We concluded our work on the letter 's' by making some spider sandwiches! This involved the children having to count 8 eyes (raisins) and 8 legs (pretzel sticks). They cut two slices of bread into circles using cups to cut them out and then stuck everything together using peanut butter! Yummy, sticky, scary, spider sandwiches!

Take a look at all our work!


Ms Jan
10/26/2012 10:45pm

I did like your enormous big spider!!!!


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