Our friend Aina M.
Aina M. has been eagerly waiting to be chosen as star name and she was extremely excited to be interviewed! Aina M. has one big sister, her favorite book is The Rainbow Fish and her favorite thing to do is play in the kitchen corner at school!

Let's take a look at the letters in Aina M.'s name:

  • 'A' looks like a mountain
  • 'i' looks like a volcano
  • 'n' looks like a house
  • 'n' also looks like the letter 'h' but with a short stick!
  • 'a' looks like hair on a head
  • 'M' is a zig zag mountain


12/13/2012 1:15am

Aina M is a cheerful girl and would fall in love with her in a second...


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