Well done to all of the children in K1PA for doing a FANTASTIC job during the Student Led Conferences! You remembered all of the activities that were laid out and confidently explained each one to your parents! I can happily say that you are all growing into such independent thinkers and I am very proud of all of you.

To the parents, some of you have asked me about some of the resources I laid out for math. These resources can be used at home too if you wish!

Face Off

You can find this resource at the following website: mathwire.com

You will notice that the instructions are slightly different, and in their version they have children put counters on the card and remove them as they roll each number. I prefer to place the counters on as you go and the stacking of counters, because it keeps them going for longer! Either way will work though!

This website contains many other resources for a variety of math skills for all ages. If you have older children you may browse the site for other activities and materials that may aid higher math concepts and skills.

Draw and Tell

Here is a link to this app preview in iTunes: Draw and Tell
This is the app used on the iPad by the children to create patterns and record their voice. There are a variety of open ended ways in which this app can be used such as creating a picture and recording the story or drawing an observation of something and explaining it. Here are some examples of the patterns created by the children:

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