Last night someone came into our classroom! We found a note on the board from someone called "The Pattern Ninja" and some patterns laid out on the mat. The children looked at the handwriting and it wasn't the same as Miss Pana's handwriting. They checked Mrs. Mano's handwriting too, but alas, it didn't match her writing either! Who could this Pattern Ninja be? We took on the Pattern Ninja's challenge and continued his patterns, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here are some questions and ideas we had:

Are there real ninjas in the world? -Miria

I wonder what the ninja looks like? -Sam

How did he come in our classroom? -Joseph

How did he come in the locked door? -Chise

What is his real name? -Jan

I think he came in the back door! -Jacob

Where does the ninja come from? -Miria

I think he is from space! -Alex

I think he cut the door with his sword and then built it back up! -Sam

I think the pattern ninja has magic! -Snehansh

I think the ninja is from Thailand -Aina M.

Why did the ninja come to write on our board? -Allegra

Why did you put activities on the floor if you are not our teacher? -Jan

I think he came in through the window -Chise

Maybe he went to every class! -Alex

I think that the ninja is a person who has come and peeked inside our classroom -Chloe

I think he came in the window -Kisaki

I think it is someone from outside of school -Aina P.

The patterns that the Pattern Ninja left on our mat:

We left some patterns out on the light table for the Pattern Ninja in case he or she returns tonight!

Has the Pattern Ninja ever visited your class before???


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