Sometimes teaching Kindergarten just means going with the flow and throwing a lesson or two out the window! Yesterday was one of those days for K1PA. It all began because of a rainy day which meant inside play during recess. One group of children began building with the big wooden blocks on the mat and another group were playing with geoboards in the role play corner. Before long the blocks had converted into several stores, and the children discovered they needed some money to buy things. So, with some scissors, paper and a pen, money began to be produced and distributed. This began the local K1PA bank! Meanwhile, across the room the geoboards went through some transformations into violins, guitars and shakers! When interviewed, the children told Miss Pana they were forming a band and the show was in five minutes! Have a look at our video of how the children of K1PA independently collaborated and cooperated to create a little town!

Nicole (Sam's Mummy)
11/06/2012 6:19am

Hi everyone. I think I would like to move to K1PA town. It looks like a fun and exciting place to live!


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