As a part of the 6 Traits of Writing, the very first thing we need to do as writers is to learn how to come up with ideas and it starts as early as K1! To get the children going and help them become more confident we started with something simple. We had created a pop-up book in connection to the letter 'p', but we realized our book didn't have a story to it. None of us could agree on what the story might be about! Then we decided that it didn't have to be one story, it could be lots of stories! So here is our pop up book. Click on each face to see what each child decided the story was about. For some children the story didn't always flow all the way to the end, but that's okay! We were practicing our speaking skills and thinking skills by trying to think about what might be happening on each page of our book. Not everyone has had the chance to record their voice yet, so keep coming back as this voice thread will be updated as more children describe their ideas about  the book.

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