To find out some answers to our questions about water, we decided to visit the Marina Barrage! The trip was very fun for all the children and they learned about different ways that water was managed in Singapore. The children especially enjoyed the model that simulated what happens when there is a lot of rainfall and the water level rises in the reservoir. We learned that a lot of the water that we find in our sinks are toilets are from the rain water! It gets cleaned and sent to our homes and schools through pipes. does that rain water get cleaned? Hmmm...

02/01/2013 9:33am

I love grade 4 class is inquiring into water too and next week we will be looking at the profile of a river. We have been finding out about different rivers around the world and how we use them and share them as a resource- maybe you could share some information about the Singapore river with us and we can tell you a bit about the Saigion river in vietnam....What do you think K1PA???

02/17/2013 7:28pm

Hi Miss Naomi, we would love to talk to you and your grade 4 class. Maybe we can call you on the computer (Skype)?


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