Our new central idea is: Water is important to all living things.
The children have discussed what they know about water and what they think it means to "share the planet." We have just come to the connection that water is used by many living things and this is something that we need to share on our planet. To get the children tuned in, we started the unit with some good old water play! We also went on a water hunt and found water in all sorts of places around the school. The children are just at the stage where they have formed questions which will guide the direction that our inquiry will take. Here is what they are wondering:
Where does the water in the toilet come from? - Miria
I wonder where tears come from? -Clara
How do the plants get water from the soil? -Joseph
I wonder how plants drink water? -Sam
I wonder how plants grow with water? -Aina M.
Where does the water from the bath come from? -Aina P.
How does it rain? -Sakurako
Why do crabs stand at the bottom of the ocean? -Jacob
Where does the water from the tap come from? -Snehansh
I wonder why crabs need to live in the ocean? -Chloe
Where does the water in the toilet come from? -Alex
Why can't we drink water from the pool? -Allegra
Where does rain come from? -Kisaki
How does the rain come? -Jan
Tuning in to Water on PhotoPeach

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