All of us in K1PA were very proud today because we were all independently engaged in Reading Workshop for an entire fifteen minutes! That's a pretty long time for a group of 4 and 5 year-olds! Over the past two weeks we have been looking at using Post-its when we are reading. When we were first starting out, the Post-its were used in an open-ended manner. The children were given two Post-its each and we learned that we can stick them on pages that we want to share with our buddies. After the first few tries, we came back together and shared the different types of things we were sharing with our buddies. After a few examples were shared, we discovered that we were all discussing our books in three different ways:
  1. Sharing a part we really liked or made us excited
  2. Sharing questions we had about the book
  3. Talking about new learning (things we didn't know before)
So the next time we went to read our books, the children were given three Post-its each to mark something they really liked in the book, a question that they had and a page that taught them something new. However, some of us got a little confused and couldn't remember which Post-it marked which point! We all came back to Reading Workshop the next day to solve this problem, and luckily Miss Pana had a solution! We needed to mark each of our Post-its with a symbol! Here are the symbols we used:

Exclamation point (!) = A page that made me go "WOW!"
Question mark (?) = A page that I am wondering about or have a question about
The letter 'L' = A page where I LEARNED something new!

Once we did that, all of us were able to easily mark three pages and discuss with our reading buddies why we marked each page. Except another problem came along...what do we do when we are done sharing one book? Well that was an easy question to answer! Take out the Post-its, get a new book and do it all over again!

How many books can you read and discuss in 15 minutes? :)


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