"I don't know how to read!" These words do not exist in K1PA! We have been working on different strategies that can help us begin to understand books!

In Reading Workshop the children are learning a few strategies to help them become more independent with books.

Readers can...
  1. Look at the picture
  2. Ask "what do I see?"
  3. Ask "What is happening?"

During Reading Workshop we sometimes sit in different ways too! This aims to foster the different types of reading behavior that we find in an avid reader!

  • Back to back: I am reading by myself
  • Hip to hip: I am reading a book with my friend
  • Knee to knee: I am interacting with my friend, having a discussion and asking questions

Finger Lights

The finger light was originally invented for ravers in dance clubs. However, in K1 we've found that this little gadget has magical powers that make children point to whatever you ask them to! So far, we have traced letters in the air, on the floor and on our friend's back. We have also been 'letter detectives' and we looked for the letter 'b' in our reading books!


08/16/2012 10:06pm

Hi K1,
Your blog looks great and I'm really glad to see you learning different ways to understand books. I am a teacher-librarian and I love books!

I have been teaching in Tanzania (in Africa) for the past year at the School of St. Jude (www.schoolofstjude.org) but next week I am starting a new job at a school in Switzerland.

Keep up the great work!
Miss Megan

P.S. Your finger lights look awesome! Where can I get some?

Miss Pana
08/16/2012 11:03pm

Hi Miss Megan! Thanks for visiting our blog!

I got our finger lights on amazon.com. Enjoy!

08/21/2012 10:38am

WOW, great work K1 looks like you have lots of learning to do. Miah sends her love and says "I love Ms.Pana" xxx

08/23/2012 3:35pm

Dear Miss Pana, thank-you so much for your wonderful blog. We very much enjoy watching Sam interacting and learning with his fellow students. Keep up the good work. Once again thank-you. Sam's Nana and Papa


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