Hello everyone and welcome to another fun filled year in K1PA! We have gotten off to a great start, meeting new friends and getting to know the classroom.

Over the first week we created placemats that we now use during snack and lunch. On the placemat we each have a picture of ourselves, some of our favorite things and a hand print. Then we practiced writing our name by tracing it in as many colors as possible so it would turn into a rainbow!

We also read the book "The Kissing Hand" and talked about how we felt on our first day of school. Below are some pictures of us making our own kissing hands and cutting them out.

Take a look at how much fun we are already having!

08/15/2012 12:27am

Lovely and amazing job! Thank you for keeping us informed.

08/15/2012 12:58am

Great job! A really practical idea to make a placemat to use .

08/15/2012 1:27am

Great way to keep us posted on what is happening in the class.

Keep it up!

Sam's Nanna
08/15/2012 9:00am

What a great idea!
Now I can keep up with Sam at school AND actually see what he is doing.
Thanks Miss Pana!

Sam's Nanna (Pam)

08/21/2012 11:38pm

Thank you for sharing your blog. I really enjoyed reading about your finger lights. I would love to learn more about them. We are starting to learn to read. Today we talked about the front cover of books.

08/30/2012 5:44pm

Thanks for visiting Zoe! We hope that we can maybe keep communicating with your class and share what we have been learning.
P.S. I learned about finger lights from the Reading and Writing Project, if you are interested you can get them from amazon.com :)


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