We learned that in some books pictures had labels around them to help the reader learn more about the topic. K1PA decided to try labeling together and what better thing to label than our class teacher, Miss Pana! So, we pulled out some Post its and began looking at Miss Pana's body parts that we could label! Some of us used initial sounds to label, others who weren't so sure drew pictures to label and put the post it on the correct body part. After this we decided to label around the classroom! This time a couple of our classmates and even Mrs. Mano got a Post it stuck on them!

Mrs. Burden
10/23/2012 7:49pm

Wow, who knew labeling could be so much fun! I like to label where things go in my classroom and in my home so I make sure to put things back where they belong.

11/23/2012 7:33pm

What a great idea to label with Post its! I often use labels in my illustrations to make my explanations clearer but I didn't think about using labels on a person! Great idea. Thanks for sharing! : )


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