Over the first month of school we have slowly been building up our reading stamina! By learning more strategies, we can now sit with books for a longer period of time.

As we were having Reading Workshop one day, Miss Pana noticed how wonderfully everyone was talking about what they saw and what was happening in the pictures. But for some reason, it didn't sound like the children were reading one fluid story. The class discovered that when we listen to other authors and how they put words together to tell stories, they use certain words that pull the story together. So, we added on another reading strategy that we can use which is to connect the pages by using words such as "first", "next", "then", "after", "last" and "finally". We learned that when we use these words, we sound like real storytellers reading a book!

Here is a video clip of Jan and Aina M. reading hip-to-hip. They are working together to connect the pages of a book.

Beatriz Visa
09/16/2012 5:40pm

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thank you for letting us share these precious moments with us.

09/23/2012 8:56pm

I think they did a great job for K1 kids.

10/04/2012 7:53am

I am Jan's Aunt sitting in Barcelona seeing your work Ms,Pana! Kudos to you for setting up such a fantastic enjoyable studying atmosphere... wish I was a kid too. Please keep it going I would love to hear from you.
Just wondering if the Star of the week - actually gets a STAR sticker stuck on his uniform or a badge given for the week - just to make him / her feel special ?!


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