Our friend Sam
Miss Pana discovered Star Name from the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. It is a program which aims to use students names as a way for them to learn about letters and phonemic awareness. Using student names allows for the children to make real connections to the letters and sounds, and the experience becomes personal and more meaningful. During each child's turn as Star Name, they get interviewed about some of their likes, then we look carefully at the letters in his or her name. We make a list of words that start with the same sound as this child's name and sing songs such as:
(Sung to the tune of "Bingo")
What is the sound that starts this name?
Sam, Sam, Sam
/s/ /s/  /s/ /s/ /s/
/s/ /s/  /s/ /s/ /s/
/s/ /s/  /s/ /s/ /s/
                                                 Sam, Sam, Sam
We also try to describe the letters in order to study to features of it. For instance, for 'Sam' we said:

1. The 's' looks like a snake.
2. The 'a' looks like an apple or a sun.
3. The 'm' looks like two hills.

After this we all drew a picture of Sam and practiced writing his name. Below are the different portraits of Sam created by his friends. Stay tuned for the next Star Name!


Nicole (Sam's Mum)
09/30/2012 8:44pm

Hi K1PA. You all made wonderful drawings of Sam! Looking forward to the next star name.


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